Agile UX: adapting to change

When analyzing processes for executing and providing as a User Experience designer, it is important to consider how well the process responds to...

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The Definitive List of the Top 10 Best Books for UX Designers

This article consists of my top 10 favorite books for UX designers. These books cover everything from user research to the history of UX to visual design.

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Defining UX and UX Design

The concept of interaction in the context of UX has continued to evolve with the development of technology, from a human and a computer working...

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That awful UI vs. UX ketchup meme

The infamous UI vs. UX ketchup bottle meme makes its rounds in the tech community every few months or so, and many UI and...

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How volunteering for a crisis hotline makes me a better designer

I’ve been a crisis online hotline volunteer for over a year, and not once has the queue been empty. During a typical three hour shift, I chat online with...

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